My name is Sasha and I am not a full time blogger. I make my living at a corporate job that I mostly like. Some days are hard and boring, but it affords me the life I most want to live. The life of wandering the world and experiencing everything I possibly can no matter how scary it might be.

I was an introverted child and have since become an introverted adult, but I have always had a curious streak in me. Always watching, pondering, learning. When I wasn’t engaging with others I had my nose in a book or was day dreaming ways I could become Indiana Jones in real life.

Since then I have taken every possible opportunity to experience a new place, food, life, culture or idea. Which has manifested itself in conventional and some unconventional ways including study aboard opportunities, work conferences across the country, moving friends across the country, restaurants, books, podcasts, blogs, cultural fairs and markets, day trips, road trips and even some very uncomfortable house parties.

I hope you enjoy my little place out here on the interwebs.

Thanks for stopping by,